What is Google Indexing?

If you have never built a website, you may be asking yourself, “What is Google Indexing?” Every website builder wants their website showing up on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google Search is used the most, so you want them to know about your pages. Once they discover your site, they have a formula to determine if the pages will be indexed and where they will rank compared to other sites like yours. If they have your pages indexed in their database, it is a good thing. When you rank high for quality popular keyword searches, you get free traffic.

This page is just a basic introduction to getting indexed and being found on the search engines.

Google Index Education

If you have ever bought a domain (your own dot com) and didn’t make your contact information private, they you have probably received a bunch of emails about  page 1 of Google. Ignore all the emails from others about getting your site found on the search engines and focus on providing good content. You can start your google index education later.

Making sure that your website is ready to be found before Google crawls your website is the key to getting found on their site. If you are building your website with the free website builder tool mentioned on this website, then the settings should be set-up correctly. If you haven’t built a website yet, start one for free with the banner link at the bottom of this page.

Search Console

All of the big search engines like Google have some type of search console to help website developers learn more about how the search engines see your pages. Once you have set-up the basics of your website, you will want to register your site on search console. There will be requirements for verifiication. I recommend that you do not do this before you have a chance to build out your site with some basics. Make sure you have an about page, contact page, privacy policy and maybe a few articles. More on this can be provided in free training if you wish to access it from the resource page. Look for Affiliate Training Course link.

Do you know about the <site:domain> command?

Go to google.com and type in the search bar “site:anydomainurl” and click search to see what pages google has decided to add to their index for the domain you are searching.  There is a site command search tools training module you can watch on this page.  This also works on yahoo and bing search engines.  For new sites, you may only see a portion of the pages. For developed sites, you could see thousands of pages in the index.

You might be tempted to do this a lot for your new domain. It takes time and will happen if you keep focusing on adding great articles to your website. Don’t worry about the daily rankings. There will be a time when you get pages ranked very fast.

Build it and Traffic will come from Search

what is google indexingKeep adding content to your new site and eventually, pages will be picked up by the google index. You will learn what it means to get free traffic from the search engines. I highly recommend you follow the steps available in our affiliate marketing training course available at WA. The first course is free and will guide you through the steps to build your first website.



Hopfully you understand the basics of Google Indexing.

There is a lot of information available about how to get prepared for Google Indexing and how that affects your free website traffic. If you are number one for a highly searched keyword phrase, you could make a lot of money. Of course, if your page does not have a way to generate any sales, you may not see the value. There are a lot of programs available that will pay you to promote their services. If you are looking for a list of these services, you need to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. There are thousands of websites that provide referral commissions to affiliate marketes. We have a huge list and I will be happy to show you how to find it

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  1. Great information. I learned a lot about google indexing, website hosting services, free website traffic ideas, and how to build a WordPress website for free. This information is very vital to most of us who are new to online digital business. I appreciate your time!

  2. Hello Rich,

    This is very good information for people wanting to start a website! You gotta keep things simple, and just point out to the big source of information (in this case, Wealthy Affiliate program). I wish I had stumbled in websites like yours when I was starting 🙂 I wasn’t too unlucky though, as I’ve found WA through Nathaniell, and he has been my mentor since. It has been a great learning journey 🙂 good post!!



    • You are mentored by one of the best. Thanks for the feedback, Sofia. This site was created to help people get started in building a website. Its shows its possible to do it for free. Thanks for dropping by and providing your experience.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful article-What is Google Indexing? Google Indexing means the search engine is aware of your website and your content. That is  an important part of your online journey. A lot of people search online daily, seeking knowledge. Google s free marketing that should benefit us all

  4. Anybody that has a website will learn that to be indexed by Google, or be found by other search engines as well, is very important. Learning about search engine optimization, using keywords and writing quality content, all form part of the journey to have your site and individual blogs indexed by Google. This is important for newbies, but also for advanced bloggers.

    • Smetimes advanced bloggers need to review the basics. The journey can be long. Once you get to the point of getting free traffic from google that converts to profits, you will see the journey was worth the time.

  5. Hello and thank you for such an article. 

    Recently I have created a website and was looking for information on how to make it visible to Google. 
    I had not idea bout google indexing so was doing a little bit of research and stumbled upon your post. 

    Great, so basically every time I publish a post I can go ahead and ask Google to index it, using the Search Console. 

    I am sure a lot of newbies like me appreciate such content. 

    Wishing you all the best

    • You don’t have to resubmit every post. Once you have set-up search console properly, you will be able to see what google is doing. Eventually, google will index posts faster as your site becomes trusted more. Search Console just gives you some insight on the backend. As sites get bigger, you will find Google can help you improve with what they tell you on search console.

  6. I know about Google Indexing because I have searched that before today. The site domain command was new to me. I didn’t know that could be done. You explained how to do that in a very simple way for everyone to understand, providing very useful information in an educative way. Thank you.  I am sure you will educate a lot of people about Google indexing. 

    • Thanks for the feedback, Aleksandra. I am happy to know, you have learned something new today. It is a very awesome tool for website builders.


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